iPad share link crashes drone block app

When I share an ipad link from the simulator to my iPad (ios 17.2) I get the “open in DroneBlocks” popup then the app (v 4.1.1) launches and immediately quits.

The same thing happens when I share to my iPhone 13pro (17.2.1, also 4.1.1).

I have my missions saved in the simulator under my email address (not apple or google) and that login option is not available in the iOS app, so I can’t share that way.

I’m only trying this because when I load the mission in Droneblock on my MacBook or the Windows11 machine in my classroom and connect to my Tello TT, it skips blocks and flies missions inconsistently. I was hoping to take advantage of the nice weather today and try flying outside where there might be less wifi interference.


Would you be able to share the iPad mission link you are testing with?


This saving/sharing issue wound up being caused by an orphan “takeoff” code block behind one of the functions. Deleting that made it possible to share the mission code. The TTs still fly inconsistently; they frequently land in the middle of the mission or skip blocks toward the end, but the ABORT button stays active.