Install new app on Mac OSX

I’m trying to install the app on my work laptop but get the following message: “Droneblocks was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer”. Is there a solution?

Can you please give this a go?

We’re working to get the app in the Mac Store but you shouold be able to try this process in the meantime. Let us know!


The Mac OS App store has a version for M1 Mac but not Intel Macs?

It’s probably because the Mac OS App Store version is our iOS app that Apple is making available to M1 Macs. We are working to bring the desktop app to the Mac store, but for future reference please use the following link to find that latest app versions:

The Mac app is currently being hosted on Google Drive and that’s where we’re posting new versions until we get it into the App Store.

OK, Thanks for the update. I did see the google drive location for a Mac OS download. I will use that for now.

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