No picture appears at picture frame


I am using Droneblock for Windows 1.05. My Problem is I cannot get picture at picture frame when I connect with Tello.
With this condition, I can launch programs and execute any action except taking photo and video.
After all, I can see “mission completed successfully.” sign.
I could get photo of only white out.
Kindly advice any possible solution.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Takashi, this very much sounds like a firewall issue with not being able to receive packets from Tello. Please watch this video regarding opening up your firewall for communicating with Tello:

Hope it helps. Keep us posted.

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Hi, Dennis.

Thanks for advice.

I solved my problem and got picture on the picture frame and got photo shot and video by Tello.

Thank you.

Takashi Akatsu


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