Same code runs differently in PC app vs. Simulator

This code is from NextWave STEM student presentation Lesson 1.

It runs as expected in the simulator with yaw changing 90, 180, 270, 360 in each iteration.
Exact same code on PC yaw does not change when tello is operated. Each iteration yaw is 90.

Firmware and software apps are latest releases.


Can you check the version of your desktop app? We previously had a bug where variables would not increment inside of a loop and this definitely sounds like the bug you stumbled across. It has been fixed in DroneBlocks Desktop 0.1.21. I just ran your mission code and it worked perfectly. I only changed it by printing “flip” to the console instead of doing the actual flip. Mainly because I tested in very limited space.

Thank you for that response. I will check the PC version when I am back at school Monday. My at home version for MacOS is 0.1.18, which I downloaded from DroneBlocks App — DroneBlocks. I read this article from Jan 2023 talking about an update, but where do I find it? The links on this page take me to where I got the 0.1.18 MacOS version. DroneBlocks App Gets Desktop Upgrade — DroneBlocks
Is there a separate link from where I can download the 0.1.21 that you recommend?