Take off but then just hover

we have full telemetry and live video feed, but after takeoff the drones just hover. our firewalls are all open. We get the data.

we think: if the first fly forward after takeoff is less than 45 inches, it seems to work more consistently. if we do takeoff and then fly forward for 120 inches, for example, the drone will just hover and not follow any more of the code. does this make sense at all?

are there any other solutions besides firewall to the “drone doesn’t follow the code or skips blocks”

Thank you!

We know there is a firmware limit of +/- 500cm which comes to 196 inches. So 120 inches should be fine. Can you share any more info? Are you using the desktop app or one of our mobile apps? What does your flying environment look like? Tello will ignore commands based on certain environmental conditions (low light, reflective floor, magnetic interference, etc).