Tello connection problems

I am using Tello drones (not EDU or TT) w/iPad version of DroneBlocks. I normally have groups of 3-4 students, each with their own iPad, working with one drone. Each student codes their own program and then tries to connect (one at a time) to their group’s drone to run the program. Depending on the location, I can have up to 4 groups working at the same time. I keep the groups separated as much as possible to prevent WiFi interference, but several issues are occurring:

  1. The first student is usually able to connect to the drone, but subsequent students are unable to connect to the Tello. The first student has disconnected in DroneBlocks (and turned their iPad WiFi off).
  2. The Tello does not execute commands, even for simple programs like {Takeoff | Go left 20 inches | Go right 20 inches | Land}. It will usually take off, but then just hovers. Occasionally it will execute one or two of the commands, but then stop responding to the code and just hover.

I am assuming this is a WiFi connection problem between the iPads and the Tello. If so, what can I do to ensure a stable connection with no interference? If it’s not a WiFi issue, any idea what would be causing the problems? All drones have the latest firmware ( We are using the latest DroneBlocks (v4.0)

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We are not experts on this but have a few years of experience and research on this, we have several with fleets of micro drones. WiFi is a great problem, most of these drones use protocol n. at 2.4, a very old Wi-Fi protocol, with only three useable channels at a time. Move the groups very far, apart, i. e. another room. Switch to 5.8 band and find best channels with a cellphone app called WiFi analyzer by VREM There is a steep learning curve to using networks with AP points. You may want to switch software to Mind+. You can visit our Youtube channel MECATX, or email me at Good lick

Hello, please reach out to, we would be happy to schedule a support call.