Sometimes I cannot execute a mission


I am currently using Tello (firmware: with DroneBlocks (V4.1) for ipad. (One Tello is shared by multiple ipads.)
When executing programming, the following phenomenon sometimes occurs.
I am not able to fly the tello satisfactorily.

Could someone give me any info about the cause?
Also, is there any solutions?


Even after connecting, no values are displayed in the numeric bar at the top of the screen.
Also, the camera image is not displayed.
Tap “Launch Mission” button, but the command is not executed.
Even if Launch Mission is tapped, the command execution stops halfway through.

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I would suggest making sure you only have one iPad connected to the Tello network at once, I would also recommend disabling auto-join on the other iPads as well. When you are experiencing the issue of no telemetry data or camera image, are you able to verify if Tello is connected via settings?


I also use iPads and Tello drones and have experienced similar problems. Definitely recommend you disable auto-join or turn off the WiFi for the iPads that aren’t being used. When it’s time to use a different iPad, turn off the WiFi for the one that was just being used and turn on the WiFi for the new one.

I have also noticed that some iPads are more troublesome than others, but I’m not sure why. Removing the protective cases helps a little bit, but I still have connection issues. Some iPads connect immediately. Some connect, but lose the connection in the middle of executing a program. A few still don’t connect at all. I’m still trying to figure it out.