Tello TT Expansion Module connection problem

Hello everyone,
Im using Tello TT with Module but cant connect to Macbook wifi, without Module I have no problems, everything works smooth and its fun to be able coding using Droneblocks. In future Im planning to buy educational course provided and databot 2.0.

I read already about "wifi error’ indicated on Module, in my case i dont have one.
Im only able to connect Tello TT with module using my old Iphone 8 and make it work with Tello Edu app. On Iphone 11 - cant connect.
From Tello support not much help…
Maybe someone had similar issue and know solution.
Thank you!

Good Morning!

Can you confirm if the switch on the expansion module is in the downward position? The switch toggles between direct connection mode and ap mode. When connecting with DroneBlocks the toggle should be in direct connection mode.


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Good Morning!
Yes, its in downward position

Can you try to connect with the PC or Mac version of DroneBlocks and let us know how it goes? I’m curious if this is mobile vs desktop issue.