What can I demo in France?

Hello all

I just sent this to Droneblocks on their website message service but thought I’d post it here to maximise my chances of help in a short timescale?

I have been flying drones for a few months with my son. I have a DJI Mini 3 Pro and he has built himself a 5" freestyle and also flies a miniwhoop. His school has asked us to bring our drones and show them at their science fair this Saturday (yep…4 days). I have just received a Robomaster TT.

I don’t use Apple devices though I suspect the college (Lyceé) may do. Also, the language barrier might limit what we can use.

At this point I’m just looking for some idea on what we could have running through the day to show them? Maybe some videos on my laptop and and the TT doing a small programmed demo once an hour?

Would you be able to offer any suggestions or advice?



Hi Andrew, if you have the RoboMaster TT drone then I highly encourage you to check out the mission pad support in the DroneBlocks desktop app:

It’s one of my favorite features to play around with and gives improved flight accuracy. You could program the RMTT to perform a specific action at each pad or even display the pad ID on the LED matrix. Or you could have it do X number of flips depending on which pad it sees. Doing flips is always a crowd pleaser :slight_smile:

You can even go into full screen video mode and manually fly RMTT around the room. Lots of possibilities and I’m sure you demo will be a hit. Feel free to post any questions or idea here and we’ll be sure to follow up. Good luck and keep us posted!