Cisco Duo error with windows app

Launched the windows app. When trying to signin with google we get a cisco duo error

“page access not allowed”.

I am not seeing droneblocks as an app that I can protect with Duo. How can we get around this?

@ryan any thoughts here? Didn’t we recently work with another district on Duo?

This looks to be a different error message. @mfahey Can you verify with your IT department if they can add or allow the DroneBlocks app within Duo?

I am the Network Administrator. I reached out to Duo and they said it could be one of two problems with
the droneblocks app. This is not a problem on the Duo side.

  1. The app supports google accounts but not google workspace accounts.
  2. The app is not properly doing Saml redirections using an external identity provider for single signon.

The error occurs after you type your password in Duo, is the last step that does not work properly.

We are using a google workspace email address that is protected with Cisco Duo.

@ryan are you able to assist with this? It’s something with the saml callback in the droneblocks app.
How can I reach devel?

Please reach out to I would be happy to schedule a support call to troubleshoot further.