Is Drone Block App Compatible with all version of iOS?

Where can I find the Drone Block App compatibility with iOS versions? When some students download the Drone blocks App and launch the App, they don’t see any coding blocks on left side of the navigation within the Drone block App and they are not able to do any coding for any mission to fly drone. They only see blank white screen. I believe Drone blocks App is not compatible with all iOS version. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Please see the picture as you can see TELLO is successfully connected to the App. But no coding blocks are available to code the Tello.

Morning - I’ve found the iOS app needs to be initially connected to your network wifi and given some time to load before connecting to the drone wifi. If that doesn’t work quit and restart the app and trying again.

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Like @MrC said; make sure your device is connected to the internet when initially opening DroneBlocks which will allow all of the blocks to load. Otherwise, you will end up with the blank white screen if you are trying to connect to the drone too soon or don’t have an internet connection.